Thursday, June 9, 2011

First "Candy", Now Norm Says I am a "Liar" About Artefact Hunting ("Metal Detecting")

Norman Kennedy is not a happy metal detectorist. He sent this to me just now:
Hi, I notice you have posted on your sub blog part my website http: ****.com part of my website you are breaking the law via the Google infringement you have also used defamation character about myself and my wife Take the post down asap you pompous lowlife and stop telling lies about metal detectorist's I reported this to Google There is plenty of people who do not like you including Archaeologists, historian's, British museum, P.A.S, there is people who despise you from your profession well in your case not so professional and metal detecting groups I am your biggest trouble maker stop telling lies and stop editing things so it look's like your telling the truth you are big Liar. Whatever the situation i will take you to court. Norman Kennedy

well, the serial punctuation abuser fails to say in which post of my "sub blog" (I presume it's this blog) I have "posted his website". I do not think I "break the law" in mentioning it exists. Just a few days ago the same guy was "thanking me for the publicity", and (using his pseudonym "Norman Bush" trying to be my facebook "friend") so really does not seem to know whether he is coming or going.

He adds:
I wonder when you will be around you phone you big LIAR"I want to talk to you
Yes, you've been attempting to hassle me through Facebook and your "online marketing" efforts for long enough for that to be clear.

He warned (not the first nor last, I suspect, metal detectorist to make a similar threat):
stop telling lies and stop editing things so it look's like your telling the truth you are big Liar. Whatever the situation i will take you to court.
Ho ho. Remember David Irving? He took somebody to court saying she was lying about him, and look what happened. Norm, do you really want to take me on in a proper and public debate about what the TRUTH is about metal detecting? I am up for (and ready for) it - are you?

While you are at it, I am sure there are a couple of things you could explain to a defence lawyer - like why on your professional profile you include Durham University as the source of your "Higher Education" but cannot spell "detectorists", "historians" or use the verbs "looks" and "are", and the spam you've been sending. That will really make you look good in court. Oh, and please do bring in the PAS to support your claim that what I am saying about artefact hunting and the preservation of the archaeological record is "all lies", I have a few questions for them too.

To be honest I really think Mr Norman Kennedy is going to have a hard time showing where the post to which I assume he refers is in any way "defaming" him as he claims. It quotes somewhat aggressive (and, yes, defamatory) comments in the public domain which he himself sent to be published (as comments to my blog). In discussing them, I point out that these personal attacks are ungrammatical and one might be forgiven for considering that they poorly reflect on the author who is offering services elsewhere as a "personal development coach" through the same profile as he used to send the foul-mouthing comments to my blog. Hardly suggestive of an advanced state of personal development of their author who apparently cannot even spell or formulate a coherent sentence in English. Mr Kennedy is doing his own negative advertising by posting comments online in such a form. It's all in the public domain. Have a look here. There is another mention of the Kennedys' "contributions to the debate" here. Then more liar accusations, with variant spelling.

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