Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Things Collectors Say

The collector who counts himself superior to the average academic Iron Age specialist:
were I to go into the countryside, find a field with a cow in it and then explain to that cow the evolution of British Celtic art, the cow would be none the wiser. The same thing would happen if I were to do the same with an average academic archaeologist who specializes in the pre-Roman Iron Age. The only difference between the comprehension level of the cow and the archaeologist being that the cow knows it does not understand anything being said and the archaeologist thinks he or she does, but really does not, as their knowledge is framed withing various weasel-word terms that actually only have an apparency of meaning [...]. We might ponder about which is more intelligent, the cow or the archaeologist in this scenario.
Or the experimenter who cannot articulate his thoughts in a manner which can be followed by the person he is addressing. Mr Hooker tried to explain his thoughts on "British Celtic art" on his blog and got so completely lost nobody on earth could follow what he was saying.The reason however is not the lack of intelligence among the readers but the lack of intelligent presentation and essay planning by the writer.