Sunday, March 23, 2014

Intellectual Standards of the Other

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I think this video, looking as if it was made in an Elementary School in Garland Texas, is supposed to be a globally-accessible exemplar of American Humor and an indicator of the mental age and cultural sophistication of the sort of people that serve as the US spokesmen in portable antiquities matters.

The video features dismissive messages for a "Warsaw Wally" and "Heritage Harry" from, among others, a denim-clad John Howland, an obscenely obese canine, a retro 'Village People' poster-boy for Garrett metal detectors, but also Bill with what look like whorehouse dancing girls, Alysson Cohen being offensive, Lisa McIntyre threatening in a slit-trench. The video also features a highly disrespectful and offensive altered image of the current British monarch.The latter at least I assume was used for this purpose without her permission since two of her sons studied archaeology at Cambridge. I imagine two UK preservationists are expected by its authors to feel in some way upset by this childish and unhelpful display of transatlantic empty-headedness and contempt.

Published on You Tube by Dick Stout   21 mar 2014

Watching this puerile nonsense should make clear the basis of the problem one has with some folk who go metal detecting, which is their obvious intellectual under-development and emotional immaturity. The problem is that, far from being the 'partners' extolled by PAS pro-collecting propaganda, one is so often met by unreasoning shallow people with a desire to be offensive to attract attention to themselves, and contribute nothing else. And they do love the attention. Click on the video so his viewer figures go up, you'll make a neglected old man in Texas feel wanted.

Meanwhile, we continue to seek those willing to discuss portable antiquities collecting and heritage issues sensibly like normal people bypassing those who want to substitute for debate these constant and tiresome personal attacks, insults and other distractions. 

UPDATE 23.03.14
Meanwhile it seems that these particular members of the Peeewee Herman fan club cannot actually read: "Robbie" (March 23, 2014 at 6:34 pm) observes "Looks like he is offended by your humorous video" to which its author replies "Have you forgotten Robbie? Mr. Barford does not have a sense of humor!" Mr Barford considers that his sense of humor (sic) is a little more advanced than that of vacant nine-year-olds. For them maybe (and for metal detectorists like Robbie and Dick Stout too), name-calling, gross fat dogs and repeatedly saying "up you" might be "funny",  but I do not think that sort of thing would raise too many laughs around a dinner table here.

Let me make myself clear, "Robbie". As far as I am concerned, Mr Stout's puerile "up you" insults and microcephalic "wally" name-calling are water off a duck's back. As they would be to any adult. But then any normal adult looking at the group of grown men and women shown in that video behaving like nine-year-olds can only feel contempt for what they represent. Remember you are "ambassadors for the hobby" one Code says.  One of you is also ambassador for Floridan archaeology. Believe me, from this side of the Atlantic, the "Standards" you present are not really a very edifying picture.