Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Suspension of One-Man Campaign Against "Anti-Collecting Bosh" (sic)

Coin dealer and ACCG monologist Dave Welsh apologises to all those he "bored into a coma" by obsessively and incessantly discussing one man's "anticollecting bosh" - cross posting the same messages to every conceivable English language artefact hunters' forum and discussion list to which he had access. He says he has tired of "reposting and commentary refuting this insufferable man’s misleading and deceptive blog posts", and announces he is now suspending his activities in that direction.
This will be my last commentary on archaeo-Goebbels, unless something really newsworthy occurs involving him, such as his appointment to a significant academic position or (hopefully this extremity won't happen) his assassination by an equally deranged fanatic
or an East European black market antiquity dealer or a vicious thug in cahoots with UK metal detectorists, he means.

Still, he has the support of folk as articulate as Tom Albert:
Now this BS with the State department and collectors of ancient materials can really be muted with proof that a government/private effort does allow both to coexist and in fact assist each other for the same reasons, to learn and study the past, either as a lay person, or as a professional. http://finds.org.uk/documents/annualreports/2009-10.pdf [...] The thing is, what the people like Paul and the State department, is in both cases we are working with people ignorant of the subject, and no actual ground experience involving the discovery of ancient materials in either setting, as they are really one and the same. Any archological site that is excavated by amature or professional is forever changed, and no matter how hard one tries, it is forever altered and you are unable to return it to it's original state. Look at Ital, which can't protect it's greatest time. Now those ancient structures are falling apart.
Note the place of the Portable antiquities Scheme in that garble-burble and the suggestion that the writer of this blog is (unlike Mr Albert I presume we are entitled to imagine) "ignorant of the subject" and (though active in archaeology since the early 1970s) has "no actual ground experience involving the discovery of ancient materials (sic)" in "either setting".

It is difficult to see how this kind of stuff can be considered as a refutation of attempts to discuss the archaeologically-damaging effects of no-questions-asked collecting and trade in its broader context.

Of course, this is not the first time Welsh has promised to stop fouling collectors' discussion lists lists with hate-posts about "Barford". [Tuesday, January 05, 2010: " New Year's Resolutions"] "To make no further attempts toward dialogue with anticollecting zealots...". (That lasted all of six weeks).

Perhaps now he has stopped his name-calling and schoolboy smear tactics, we might see some real discussion develop, with people who reflect on the wider implications of collecting and see room for improvement in the way these objects change hands, and not with those who simply and simplistically dismiss what the other side says about the no-questions-asked mode of collecting as "anti-collecting" (for it is not). Instead of the loudmouth naysaying dealers, where are the responsible collectors in this debate?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Idiot's Guide to You Tube

A metal detectorist, apparently disturbed by my discussing on my blog a "stealth" device which means you can metal detect noiselessly claims that my use there of a link to a You Tube video to illustrate what this device looks like and what it can do is a breach of copyright for which he claims he can get me sent to prison.

He is of course wrong. First of all he is not the author of that film, nor the copyright holder. Secondly in my blog post, I stated who was. Thirdly the use of You Tube's "embed" feature on a blog is not a copyright violation, and this problem has already been discussed at some length in the blogosphere.

The 'embed' feature of any video posted on You Tube can be turned off by the person who posts the item, thus signifying their objection to the linking to that video in that manner. The fact that it is not disabled is a tacit agreement to its use (as explained in the You Tube terms of use).

The video has not been copied onto a server and that copy inserted into my blog post, the embed code is as follows:
< i frame w i d t h ="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/71hgyYN0I1E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

so clearly is a link to the original film, still on the You Tube servers, which is merely viewed, through a window as it were - via my blog. At the bottom is the You Tube logo on the frame which retains the features seen on the original page, to which you can go by clicking on the video title at the top of the frame. Nothing has been "copied", convenient access is allowed through the code supplied in the embed function of the You Tube page itself, and this facilitates seeing the video in the context of the discussion.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"What being an ancient coin dealer is really like" (http://www.classicalcoins.com/)

Dealer Dave unable these days to produce any original material of his own, done his usual cut and pasting of a huge chunk of other people's texts to bulk out his own feeble comments. This time his eye fell on my post on tekkie attempts to thwart an examination of what they are up to. He has appended a comment which can only be described as incredibly mean-spirited even by the usual lowbrow and vindictive standards of US discourse on cultural property issues. He calls his post "Poland Discredited" which makes no sense at all in the context of what he writes, but I think we've all long ago given up looking for any underlying sense in the writings of the ACCG coiney loony brigade. Aware that his is a fringe position he announces "[toxic URL suppressed to avoid contributing to its statistics]" but I'll give his: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Unidroit-L/message/3927. It is also cross posted to three other forums it is on Tim Haines' grimy Ancientartifacts forum, CoinCom and the Dave Welsh Numismatica blog.
It now appears that ArchaeoGollum has managed to discredit [...] the entire nation of Poland...
That is pretty ironic coming from a group of people whose activities in cahoots with certain Congressmen and others against US attempts to control the flow of illicitly exported antiquities onto their market are doing a vast discredit to the decent folk of that country.

Vignette: Dealer Dave (photo taken in 1983 during the Great Californian Shampoo Strike
when residents were forced to use corn oil instead).