Saturday, December 3, 2011

"What being an ancient coin dealer is really like" (

Dealer Dave unable these days to produce any original material of his own, done his usual cut and pasting of a huge chunk of other people's texts to bulk out his own feeble comments. This time his eye fell on my post on tekkie attempts to thwart an examination of what they are up to. He has appended a comment which can only be described as incredibly mean-spirited even by the usual lowbrow and vindictive standards of US discourse on cultural property issues. He calls his post "Poland Discredited" which makes no sense at all in the context of what he writes, but I think we've all long ago given up looking for any underlying sense in the writings of the ACCG coiney loony brigade. Aware that his is a fringe position he announces "[toxic URL suppressed to avoid contributing to its statistics]" but I'll give his: It is also cross posted to three other forums it is on Tim Haines' grimy Ancientartifacts forum, CoinCom and the Dave Welsh Numismatica blog.
It now appears that ArchaeoGollum has managed to discredit [...] the entire nation of Poland...
That is pretty ironic coming from a group of people whose activities in cahoots with certain Congressmen and others against US attempts to control the flow of illicitly exported antiquities onto their market are doing a vast discredit to the decent folk of that country.

Vignette: Dealer Dave (photo taken in 1983 during the Great Californian Shampoo Strike
when residents were forced to use corn oil instead).

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