Friday, September 14, 2012

Texas "Standards" on UK Antipathy to Archaeological Preservationst

Over on the "Stout Standards" website we have the blog host's reaction to criticism that he publishes UK hate-blogger John Howland's attacks on British archaeologists:
I am most grateful for his friendship, and appreciate his contributions to Stout Standards. I can attest to the fact that whenever he  posts, the hits on my site go way up. [...] John Howland is one of a kind. Smart, shrewd, not at all subtle 
So the answer seems to be that he encourages the nazi-jibes, the attacks and so forth because it brings the "hits" on his "site" up. It is quite nticeable that he seems obsessed by the number of comments he receives on his blog (see the thread "You will have a hard time changing my mind…") and indeed very interested in how many comments others "do not" get. The personal nature of much of the waffle on Mr Stout's blog suggest that he is merely an attention seeker trying to relive the old glory days of his "detector wars".

I wonder how much those responsible detectorists who are at least making the effort to "do it right" and work with, and not against, archaeologists (in the recognition that this is in the end the ONLY way their hobby will continue to enjoy its current freedoms), appreciate the number of "hits" the antagonistic snipes of the likes of Howland and Stout are getting, and the damage this is inevitably doing to the nice cosy picture of cooperative tekkies. My guess is they at least have the intelligence to see what harm this kind of thing repeated long-term can do to the image of the hobby.   As do I.