Friday, May 20, 2011

Public fantasies of Public Execution in Washington

I have remarked upon this sort of thing before, but this seems to be a repeating pattern in the case of the ACCG. This from Tim Haines' Ancient Artifacts collectors' discussion group:

"In any genuinely democratic society, Kouroupas and her Satanic minions would long since have been strung up along Constitution Avenue, bearing placards warning other "government servants" against such misbehavior. Neither Osama Bin Laden nor all the rest of Al-Quaida have yet wrought anything remotely resembling the damage these ideologues have inflicted upon innocent citizens they are charged with "serving," whom they in every possible way have betrayed, and sought to dispossess of their constitutional and legal rights. These insidious bureaucrats are deadly public enemies, who dishonorably and culpably use their influence to inflict terrible injuries upon American citizens whom they have sworn to protect".

This is here also. It seems to me that this is criminal, potentially calling for the murder of federal employees.

In this writer's Bible, we learn that for the sin of administering the CCPIA, a US government official "should spend eternity in Hell, marching endlessly whilst bearing a ton of leaden garments, accompanied by the likes of Benito Mussolini". The book of Jared no doubt.

According to the writer of this disturbing text, what these people should be punished for is helping to protect the archaeological heritage from commercial looting. The writer is an ACCG coin dealer and ACCG Board Member who obviously needs professional help. Let us hope he gets it before he does himself and perhaps others harm. Are these really the people US coineys want the wider public to see as their leaders and spokesmen?