Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cerebral Debate on Coiney Forum

One conspicuously cerebral collector of dugup coins, a "mwilson603" thinks he has thought of an original insult on the basis of my name. He uses it in the thread "Re: 2 coins of Cabinet W seized in New York by District Attorney on January 05, 2012, 05:43:52 am
It should be noted that it is thought that the term "to barf", which means "to vomit", has its origins in the actions of all normal people that have read that bloggers, Paul Barford's, rantings.[...] You will also note that within his blog, metal detectorists are essentially presented as the spawn of satan. However, what he conveniently fails to point out is that without detectorists many recent discoveries would probably not been found, and extensively studied. [...] Obviously only my opinion, however Mr Barford is an idiot, and one to whom I have given far too much exposure by writing this. regards Mark
His missive contains a list of a dozen Treasure hoards dug up from below plough-level for the most part by British artefact hunters. Notably not a single foreign hoard is mentioned in the list published on a US ancient coin collecting forum - though they too are found with metal detector use. So, where, Mr Wilson is the publication of the "extensive archaeological [or numismatic] study" of ANY of the hoards you mention? Who is financing this work, who is carrying it out? Where? I rather think this coiney has not quite grasped the argument about the problems with British policies on artefact hunting and collecting and the means adopted to deal with it. Still, he has shared his schoolboy joke about my surname with his giggling pals, that seemed to be his main aim in posting.

Mark Wilson apparently from Doncaster, England seems to be an avid collector of Late Roman Bronze coins. No wonder he values the services of metal detectorists who strip them from ancient sites to sell. In fact, we learn that he is a member of the Midland Metal Detecting Club