Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A li'l bitta Persn'l Divelopment Needed

Over on my other blog I got an odd comment to a very old post ("Looking Over Artefact Hunters' Shoulders: Blaydon ..."). It was from a couple calling themselves "Norman and Linda Kennedy" and it read:
When i hear some of you so called archaeological diggers comment,it shows me how ignorant you guys are.
I would love one of you so called archeolgists to say to me" bad comments then i would have a chance bury you for one of your future arseholes" to dig you up.
What you have to realise is you are getting my tax payment towards your job" so shut your mouth,
the quicker the goverment gets rid of you archies the better,save us all millions,N

Then I received a second in like vein, this time to the post "UK "Metal Detectorists" and the (Continued) Unhol...":
About 24 years ago or there about that time a Archioligist was cought stealing artifacts and selling them,
Over many years these guys have pludered treasure and sold it.
Its time to get rid of archaeologist’s and replace them with a none profit making society, as you can see on Time team BBC what a joke" we dont need these scruffy thick people who talk like peasants,arr arr come on you got to laugh at that thick guy with hat on,and the scruffy guy with the pink jumper,and dirty hair,

Well it is perhaps better to talk like peasants (that's a regional accent of course) than write like one I suppose. "Mr and Ms Kennedy" were not finished however, back on the Blaydon post again:
Highley skilled archaeologist’s,your having a laugh after many years of going on digs i realised that the worst people i have ever seen destroying historic artifacs are you guys the so called expert archaeologist’s,
Most archaeologist’s are university dropouts hippies like Barfoot scrating around in Poland'
Most the people that come on the digs are learners not highley skilled archaeologist’s,
Metal detector people have turned up more valuble artifacs and are highley skilled people,N
I do not "scrate", never scrated in my life. I can use apostrophes and commas though.

Now what is curious about all this is that the comments are posted from a profile which (atypically) is not hidden and it has links to a website and a blog of Norman and Linda Kennedy who run some kind of a personal coaching service, motivational speaking and all that. In Australia. Take a look at the texts there and say if they look as if they are written by the same people as the semi-literate foul-mouthing above. There is quite a clear mismatch.

Anyhow these somewhat coarse-speaking detectorists are apparently using computers in two places in the UK, and claim off-list to be the same people as on the Ozzie website and blog, so obviously despite their obvious linguistic shortcomings they claim the ability to be in two different places at the same time.

Customers of this rather shadowy firm 'Personal Development Top Earner' might like to take a critical look at the Kennedys' comments on my blog posts before deciding to ask for their help in their own personal development.

Photo: Apparently Norman and Linda Kennedy from the 'Personal Development Top Earner' website.


Norman and Linda Kennedy said...

Thankyou for promoting my website very good of you.
Are you getting my news letter Paul.
If you send me your adress i will send you my DVD
Norman Kennedy

Paul Barford said...

You can take it along to the local Oxfam shop. They'll make good use of it.