Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Mick wants to tell me where to "stick it"

Big Mick the detectorist is well known to Heritage Journal readers, effing and blinding his way across their pages. Now we learn that he is not even English:
Smashing!! The more we can sell on ebay the better, why should you be the only ones with private collections? Anyway Paul you break the law in Egypt by taking pictures in the valley of the kings so don’t act like you are some kind of a saint. See you soon when I return from the UK (jobs about finished here) and you can tell me to my face why you are anti metal detecting and I can tell you where to stick your views. Michal Jaworski.
Interesting, Michał Jaworski. Not the computer software Michał Jaworski I trust. Anyway, I am not quite sure who Mr Jaworski is accusing of having "private collections" and on what grounds, neither apparently is he aware that in Egypt I was on an SCA mission, so had all the relevenant permits to be where I was and doing what I was doing, how could it be otherwise?

Anyway, let us see how Big Mick responds to my accepting his invitation, which should be very entertaining: Szanowny Panie Michale, Oczywiście jak będzie Pan w okolicy Warszawy, chętnie spotkam z Panem przy piwie i podyskutujemy na temat mojego „stosunku do używania wykrywaczy metali” w Polsce i w Anglii. Przy okazji chętnie bym dowiedział się wiecej o wciąż tajemniczej dla mnie „Central Searchers” i nt. państwa Evans... maybe he'd like to bring along to our meeting some of the British artefacts he has found while on the Central Searchers' digs, can you do that Mister Michał, please? Let me know when you are coming back with those antiquities and I'll see to it that you are "met" at the airport.

UPDATE: "Big Mick {"Jaworski"}" replied: 09/07/2010 at 14:02

Sir Paul, czekam na piwie z Tobą, kiedy wrócę, moje komentarze w których nie służy jako zagrożenie trochę zabawy. Central Searchers wydaje się być dobrze zorganizowany klub i Richard Evans jest przyjemny człowiek. Michal

I think Mr Michał, that you have been in England a little too long… your Polish has certainly suffered, I am afraid it really now looks more like a computer translation than that of a native speaker!

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