Thursday, September 2, 2010

Detectorists and All the Bad Fings They Do

Off-topic comment on a text on Heritage Journal about French detectorists and welsh museums (spelling and punctuation as in original):
Its funny when i see these comments on damaged historical sites and Paul Barford talking as if he is some kind of expert on who does the damage, He only concentrates on metal detectorist and all the bad things they do,this guy is 90% Bullshit and 10% glorified grave digger full untruths wind and piss so to speak. So please do not take any notice of anything he says,as he is big lier, Norm

I guess readers can make up their own minds how much "bullshit" and "piss" there is in my opinions on the general situation on the antiquities market and in artefact collecting. Oddly enough the metal detectorists like Illiterit Norm think I am "concentrating on the metal detectorists" while the coin collectors across the Atlantic think I am concentrating on them... The rest of us see that there are a few more general problems emerging with attitudes to the exploitation of archaeological sites as a source of collectables which need addressing by those more articulate than oiks who cannot spell, omit prepositions and replace civilised language by four-letter crudities.

Vignette: Worzel Gummidge Down Under.

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