Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Only Prats Hand Treasure Over"

A UK metal detectorist with the telling screen pseudonym "DETECTINGFORGOLD" found a hoard of scrap gold and reported it to the Treasure Department at the BM and then was highly dissatisfied with the discretionary monetary reward he got. So he made a video attacking the system. As the comments below it show, it got quite a sympathetic response from metal detectorists. Quote:
you should have flogged all treasure to some rich yank mate. why the hell you hand it in,? only pratts hand treasure over, nothing but robbing bastards bm. dont do it again, lesson learnt, billabongBUTTS

DETECTINGFORGOLD replies: I was quite happy to work with them up until this point, but the malicious lies which they have written about me, has now tainted my view on all archaeologist. [...].Of course in the case of a gold hoard find the Treasure Act legislates that "working with" the archaeologists (ie reporting the find) is mandatory, the metal detectorist has no second choice.

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