Saturday, April 30, 2011

Norman Kennedy Labels the Critics

Personal coach Norman Kennedy has been mentioned here before, he seems to have a vendetta against people that talk about artefact hunting frankly and openly, now he is threatening to have me deported. Like that's going to happen, in Poland we lock people up for metal detecting and stealing archaeological artefacts, seriously. For more on Mr Kennedy (or is that "Bush"?) see an earlier post here. Now he writes:
As usual Paul Barford tells lies, says he lives in Poland and makes comments of no truth about Metal Detecting
in the UK.
Question should be asked" why do you live in Poland?
Why do you tell constant lies about metal detecting in the UK.
Why do you down talk about the good people of the UK who go metal detecting.
Why do you cause so much trouble.
I am going to ask the polish goverment if you are are wanted in the UK for liable.

If what Paul Barford is saying about artefact hunting , the artefact trade and a whole range of issues surrounding portable antiquities false then it is perfectly simple for the metal detectorists to demonstrate that. It is called debate. There should be open public debate about the way the archaeological heritage is being treated as a resource. I see my blog (open and public) as one element of that debate. Metal detectorists shut their words between each other away on forums which the public are blocked from seeing, and where they write anonymously using pseudonyms. That does not facilitate either debate with them, nor dialogue.

The only time they address the comments made by preservationists, is to call them "lies". But without stating the facts which they see as showing they are lies. They expect people to accept that what they say is true and what preservationists say is necessarily false. I say people should be able to look, consider both sides of the argument and the way they are put, and make their own minds up.


Norman and Linda Kennedy said...

Paul Barford,
Your a liar and big one at that,clever arse you can tell lies some of the time but not all of the time.
You will be caught out with your lies and the friends around you.
Wonder if people know about problems?
do other people know you go metal detecting on your own site's
What happens to those finds?
Have you had your blood pressure checked because you will need to do that.
As you tell more lies this affects your mind and that in turn affects your body your heart
Lets face a fact you hide in Poland
what do you when your not posting lies??

Paul Barford said...

See what I mean?

To what "problems" does this barely literate pair refer? Who knows, and who cares? Just mindless taunting isn't it? Is this how these personal coaches tell their clients how to deal with problems with people with whom they disagree? An odd approach in the circumstances.

I wonder where these two get the notion: "do other people know you go metal detecting on your own site's What happens to those finds?". For the record I do not go "metal detecting" (artefact hunting) on "my own sites" (with or without an apostrophe). Why would I feel the need to? I have however worked in the past perfectly amicably with metal detectorists on two projects, but I do not think I will again. If Linda and Norman Kennedy have information that the "finds" from these past projects are not where they should be, they can report me, why don't they?