Friday, April 1, 2011

Ffol Ebryll Farm in Wales - A "Chance not to Miss"

A lot of English (only) metal detectorists are gearing up to descend on a farm, significantly called Ffol Ebryll Farm, in Wales this weekend as one of their members reports finding "6 roman dinari (sic), 12 bronze and 2 fibulas" there. He says:
Still shaking with excitement. Hapi days! Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Shocked. The frustrating thing is that the field I found them in is being dug up making way for 14 new houses. Would you believe it, the farmer tells me apparently they are starting on Saturday. Don’t know if I should tell FLO but one thing is for sure I’m going back there later today. If anyone is interested to come they are welcome as today is the only day available before the wagons come in.
Among all those eager to get down there looting away (some MD-ing thickoes still apparently so, despite the fact that several people have pointed out what Ffol Ebryll means) not a single one of them suggested alerting the FLO to the reported imminent destruction of a newly-discovered site. Such is the greed of the artefact hunter, no matter that a potentially significant 'productive' site is (reportedly) going to be destroyed unrecorded, any opportunity to get their hands on some collectable goodies is fair game for them. The effects of PAS outreach here to instil best practice are approximately - zero.

PS for those who "don't do Welsh", Ffol is a number and Ebril in the name of a month - sounds like....)

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