Monday, April 11, 2011

Unidroit-L has Another Commentator?

Over on the Unidroit-L microforum for dealers in and collectors of dugup ancient artefacts (especially round ones with pictures on) the sole content these days has been a series of postings by its owner - coin dealer Dave Welsh, to which he appends his own "comments". Most of the other members of the forum apparently sleep through Welsh's monologuous renderings of why the entire preservation-orientated archaeological and museum world is evil. So it is a pretty quiet forum

There was the inevitable post about former CPAC member Korver's letter of resignation to President Obama leaked to the coiney press, and to my surprise I find that instead of Welsh's lengthy "comments" at the bottom, there is a whole post cut-and-pasted (without the embedded hyperlinks) from my 'Portable Antiquities Collecting and Heritage Issues' blog labelled "Commentary by Paul Barford in his Blog" (sic - should have read "one of his blogs").

Surely it would have been enough to insert a link?

Anyhow, let us see how many of his members are bothering to read to the bottom of Welsh's posts and feel constrained after reading my post taken from another context and provocatively inserted into Welsh's monologuous crassfest to join in the debate on whether resource preservation is about helping US commerce to profit from illegally exported antiquities...

I am sure there are many on that discussion list who think precisely in the same way as Korver .

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