Friday, October 17, 2008

Sheddy the Gracious

Richard Lincoln, acting as though nothing had happened, attempted to post another comment on my blog last night:
Sheddy has left a new comment on your post "Excluding the stakeholders":
It turns out that Mr Lincoln did not have the permission of Judith Plouviez to disseminate her photo on the metal detecting forum where I found it (still less make commercial use of it as reported here). It has now, I am told, been removed from that forum too.
The image you used was not Ms Plouviez' image to decide as to its use and distribution. It is my image. It was taken in a place to which the public had access at the time it was taken and as such does not contravene any privacy laws.I posted the image onto Mr Rear's forum ( and in doing so assigned licence by inference. Had you contacted me prior to your own use of the image and explained to me your reason for wanting to use it, I no doubt would have granted permission for its use. Instead, you took without asking, much in the same way that according to you metal detectorists take from the archaelogical record without thought toward the "stakeholders".Should you wish to use the image in your forthcoming book in order to illustrate the true face of the P.A.S. then please apply via email (you have my address). I will assign a fee-free licence and provide you with the high resolution original; Ms Plouviez has no legal right to stop its use
So what was all the fuss about? Now we learn that in fact, he dislikes the PAS and only belatedly sees an opportunity to 'knock' it was missed because he did not read the text accompanying the photo?
No, I am not going to use "Sheddy"'s snapshots in my book, obviously collaboration with such a person would be a stressful experience. He is not the only person in the world with a camera. I think though if he does want to make commercial use of his photos, and is aware that the person shown in them objects, it would be only courteous to sort that out with them before trying to sell it or assign a "fee-free licence".

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