Saturday, October 18, 2008

Intimate apparel fantasies of Steve Taylor?

latest from Steve Taylor. I wrote:
the video to which I posted a link is certainly hosted here:[...], not "a metal detecting forum", though it was a metal detectorist who drew my attention to it.
He graciously replies:

Right Turd brain.

The video titled 'The Plunderers' which you posted a link too, was an unlisted video on Google, which I had hosted to friends on the detecting forum.

This was a private video which you had posted on your blog, without my authorisation, so you had no right to host it.

It would be the same if I was to break into you house and host photographs of your wife's soiled crutch less knickers for all to see, then maybe you might be a little pissed off.

What are "unlisted" videos?

If you have a video you'd rather not share with the entire world, you can choose to restrict access to it by marking it as "unlisted."
Similar to an unlisted telephone number that isn't available in public phone number databases, videos that have been unlisted are not accessible through Google Video search results. This option is especially useful for family videos. Just set your video to "unlisted" and email the link to your family and friends.

Feel free to post this on your blog, WANKER!

Nevertheless, it was hosted on Google, and the link was posted on a public forum, which I too visit and was not there indicated as in any way "restricted", so I looked and commented. I really do not see what there is to hide, there was no illegal detecting going on there, was there? Why the secrecy?

And for the record, I did not "host" the video on my blog, merely posted a link from it to the Google site. Secondly when the video was active, it could be accessed from outside by a search under "Steve Taylor" and "other videos by this author".

As I said to Mr Taylor in my letter "Since this is beginning to get rather repetitive, let's have a proper discussion on what the word "copyright" means". Mr Taylor has not indicated where my posting a link to his video is "an infringement of copyright". It is perfectly legitimate fair use.

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