Friday, October 31, 2008

Cold Brayfield 1

On Friday I wrote to the owners of the Central Searchers website to ask about their refusal to allow me access to the website. Here's an exchange of correspondence between me and Gill[ian] Evans, one of the list owners, some interesting details of the case emerge from this and I feel it is in the public interest for me to post this here as supporting evidence for some of the comments I feel I will be making about this hoard in the future. This is the common heritage and there should be no need for any kind of secrecy about what these people are doing with it.

-------Original Message-------
From: Paul Barford Date: 10/31/08 07:11:24
To: Gill Evans Subject: Re: Account deletion

Hello, Gary Brun posted to me something from your site which he claims shows the Cold Brayfield hoard under excavation. I just wanted to have a look around the forum to see if I could get to the truth of the matter. Does this photo shoot
show Dave Phillips and Barrie Plasom excavating this hoard as Gary Brun claims, or does it show the Buckingham hoard being investigated?

I cannot see why you are so worried about somebody just looking around that you have to "delete" an account that was not even opened !! What is it you and your members have to hide? Thank you Paul Barford
The reply was surprising:
Dear Mr Barford,
Firstly there is nothing on our forum regarding the Cold
Brayfield Hoard so therefore nothing there for you of interest.

Secondly my husband was invited by Mr Phillips at the time of the investigation of the hoard site by Julian Waters which is what the photographs in the link show. We merely posted the photographs so folk could see that there are still crops
around the area and that the find spot had not been decimated as suggested.

As far as us being worried and having something to hide this is not the case, our forum is purely for our members and for promoting club membership as you are so anti detecting I see no reason why you should wish to join therefore deleted the application.
Gill Evans
What is interesting is that at the same time as i received this, I got a message from Julian Watters that the excavation shown was on the site which was known in PAS-FLO jargon as 2006/T631. That number in fact refers to the Cold Brayfield hoard. So why is Mrs Evans trying to convince me that there is nothing on their website about the Cold Brayfield hoard when her own husband posted photos of this site there to "show that the crops were not decimated"? Why do they insist on calling it a "Buckingham" hoard, when its nowhere near Buckingham, but on the Bucks county boundary? It gets even more confused and curious with the next letter...

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