Friday, October 31, 2008

Central Searchers: are they hiding something?

In order to follow up the tip that Norwegian "detectorist" Gary Brun sent me last night that the newspaper I was citing in my blog had misquoted the finders of the Cold Brayfield hoard in their account of the treasure hearing, I decided to look over the forum of Central Searchers club for "unsung heroes of the British heritage". I opened an account with my own name, chose an innocuopus password and registered and waited for my account to be activated by the list owners - Richard and Gill Evans. This morning I received this:

Hello Paul Barford,

Your account was deleted.--

Thanks Richard and Gill.

Not even a decent use of the present perfect. Now what is it that Central Searchers have to hide that they don't want anyone looking in on their discussions of how they heroically handle the British archaeological heritage?

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