Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The IAPN Get What they Pay For...

With reference to the post by Professor David Gill writes about 'Material from controlled archaeological excavation changing the character of the PAS database' and mine ('PAS loses Direction'). Once again, we find from the reaction to this post over there that dullard American collectors have the utmost difficulty of understanding even such a simple concept as who runs the PAS and what for! Duh, it's not rocket science. Anyway if you are an internet nobody with an Alexa rating of 14,9 million (mine is 4,3 million), I guess nobody needs take any interest in what you and your metal detecting BFFs think or say. What makes so many collectors behave as though they are totally thick? Are they seeking sympathy, or just trying to annoy? Either way, they do the hobbies they represent no credit at all.

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