Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Reply to Dave Welsh

The "drowning in his own arguments" tort
Coin dealer Dave Welsh - a declared firm believer in free speech - doubted that lobbyist Peter Tompa had at the very end of April 2014, first threatened me and then blocked me from commenting on his "Cultural Property Observer" blog. On receiving confirmation from Tompa that this was indeed the case, Welsh wrote to me to apologise for not believing what I had said. Here is my reply:
Thank you.
Tompa refused to post my corrections to his deliberate and needlessly provocative distortions of what others (myself included) had said. Afraid of contradiction, he prefers his arrant nonsense to go unchallenged.
As for "light" rather than "heat", a quick glance at the comments he has been consistently posting since then (and only since then) from metal detectorists Howland  and Stout and the 'Houghton sock-puppet' will - in their blatantly provocative, non-substantive and ad hominem nature - show the fallacy of that argument for not allowing others to comment on his blog.
Tompa, proudly presenting filth and doubletalk as the milieu's "cultural property observations"  is a discredit to the coin collecting community. The IAPN have chosen a  highly counter-productive spokesman for the hobby.

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