Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sock Puppet Digs Deeper in

"I is archeologist"
"Anonymous"  23 December 2014 at 17:54 wrote:
I am an Archeologist ( shock horror ) and i was invited to join two local detectorists on a dig one day , the one thing that i was impressed with was the accuracy of their machines and also the accuracy of their recording [...].
I suggested ('Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Spot the Sock-Puppet', PACHI Wednesday, 24 December 2014) that the strange wording indicated that this was a metal detectorist pretending to be an archaeologist and the "two local detectorists' were a fiction. We are told: "The poor man needs serious help he questions as to if i am an Archeologist or not without even knowing me. Does he think we are all private school educated?" The issue was something else however. Then he blurts out "Yes i did misspell it that was on purpose to see what sort of a reply i would get [on a metal detecting blog] (Archaeologist) I trained at UEA University of East Anglia". That'd be this course then? Interestingly, the PAS does not show any Roman site with more than two pieces of lead recorded in the whole of the "local' (East Anglia) region, so where are these two artefact hunters allegedly based?

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