Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tim3rexes supports UK metal Detectorist "Candice"

Over on the "Candice-Jarman" blog there is a new supporter, a guy calling himself "tim3rexes". I discussed him in a post on my main blog.

UK artefact hunters claim they (most of them/the majority/ some) have a responsible approach to collecting and "are not nighthawks' which they consider is enough to dispel any criticism of portable artefact collecting. I do not agree and in my blog treat UK "metal detecting" as part of the wider phenomenon. This obviously is not to the taste of all UK "metal detectorists" who want the public to see what they do as something separate from all the other types of collecting. So they want to criticise anyone who says otherwise - hence the "Jarman" blog.

But look what happens, within hours of it opening who should come along and take an interest? Why Wayne Sayles (Executive Director of the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild) and his sidekick Peter Tompa, lawyer to the trade in ancient dugups, both of them are discussed on my main blog. Frankly if the Jarman blog wants to promote a picture of being a responsible collector in Britain, having these two Americans declaring themselves on the same side in opposing archaeological preservation really is rather a hindrance. Then along comes dealer tim3rexes, probably via Tim Haines' "Yahoo" discussion group. Who else recognises the affinities between this blog's purpose and the furthering of their own aims, who else is on Candy's side?

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