Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crosby Garrett or name-calling?

"My next post" promised the metal detectorist calling himself Candice Jarman "will move away from discussing this silly little blogger (for a bit) and look at some of the issues surrounding the finding and sale of the Crosby Garrett helmet".

That was 6th November. The collecting world who follow this blogger's nonsense waited with slack-jawed anticipation. They'll have to wait a little longer it seems. What they got was more name-calling: Militant, evangelical, fundamentalist and intolerant. So nothing new then.

Once again, running away from producing any real arguments. I wonder how many seeking answers to the issues from Candice will be any more "tolerant" of this sort of "debate" than I am?

What kind of "tolerance" does this person think they deserve?

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