Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Fighting the Curtailing of Freedoms"

Candice Jarman says:
There are others who say that Mr Barford is entitled to his opinions. Indeed he is! But what he is not entitled to do is to try to manipulate policy-maker opinion, through a campaign of deliberate misinformation and distortion, to the detriment of the law-abiding majority and curtail established freedoms!
Well, he'd better jolly well get on and throw some light on that "deliberate misinformation" hadn't he? And policy makers "never" try to manipulate OUR opinions, is he sure about that? And of course UK metal detectorists, coin dealers' lobbyists, ancient coin collectors, no-questions-asked antiquity dealers, and the PAS never try to bring policy makers round to their point of view do they? Anyway, if he would just get on with defending those "freedoms" by his policy of name-calling and sniping at one man and his blog, and we'll see where that gets UK metal detectorists with Whitehall policy makers in the long run.

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