Sunday, October 17, 2010

We are still waiting... and waiting...

"Candy" writes:
I know what is right and wrong, I can recognise lies and distortions, I can see when a man with extreme minority views is trying to manipulate official opinion to the detriment to us all.
And I am sure you are dying to point out where these untruths and distortions are. I too would be interested to have some proper debate - so, when is "Candy" going to start?? So far we have pictures of me drinking beer, pictures of a map showing where people who read my blog live, vague hints that she has been collecting 'anecdotes' and knows something or other personal about me... but no real meat. Let's cut the crap and get onto discussing the matter at hand, portable antiquity collecting and heritage issues. Let us see what "Candy" actually has to say about THEM. If anything.

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