Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Legs has to Know

One correspondent on Candice Jarman's blog just has to know:
Paul Barford, if you or one of your friends is reading please answer this. Which university did you attend, what was your degree in and when were you there? It's a simple question. I've followed the links on your blog and I'm still none the wiser, sorry. ??? 12 October 2010 15:54
I'm not quite sure why the three question marks are there. Neither of course are we any the wiser who "legs" is, whether he or she has friends, whether he or she attended a university, got a degree in anything other than being annoying and when. there are no links to follow in this individual's profile which is wholly empty of content. But the comment is full of impudence.

I have in fact answered those questions (at least) once before on a forum, the text should still be out there and I do not feel the need to repeat any of it.

Frankly, if I were an unemployed miner with two CSEs living with my pensioner mum and a three legged cat in a two up two down and with a taste for pot noodles, transvestitism and mild sadomasochism, it really surely would make not a smidgin of a difference to whether what I write on my main blog [Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues] has any meaning or not. I'm blogging on collecting and related issues for my own entertainment anyway. Take it or leave it. I write under my own name, which neither "legs" nor - I am sure - "Candice Jarman" do. Most metal detectorists prefer anonymity and pseudonyms to hide behind, most UK metal detecting forums are closed to outsiders, as are most coin collecting and antiquity collecting forums.

I openly write my frank opinions in my own little niche corner of the internet, but force nobody to read them. That I do so openly does not however mean that jerks like "Legs" and "Candice" or any of their guffawing detectorist sidekicks have a "right" to attempt to invade the privacy of other areas of my life.

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