Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candice "People do not care"

Candice Jarman, secretary in UK solicitor's firm who claims she is passionate about history says: For once Paul Barford is right!
Yes, Mr Barford, most people just don't care. She is referring to my article about the manner in which the US Cultural property Advisory Committee carries out its "public consultations". I was referring of course to the American public. I find it odd though that this woman can so easily admit that this is the case, supposedly she started her blog because she is "passionate about archaeology and history" and is - according to her own words - fighting for what?
I passionately believe that archaeology belongs to the people - to all of us - and not just to archaeologists. [...] In todays straightened times(sic), can we afford to support so many University Archaeology Departments and Archaeology Units from the public purse? Are you fed up with the 'radical archaeologists' telling you what you should do and how you should think? If YES, then send your news and views to candicejarman@[...] LET'S MAKE SURE OUR VOICE IS HEARD!
So "OUR" is whose voice if "the people do not care" Ms Jarman? Either they are behind you when you are fighting for their (equal?) access to it, or they do not care and you are just fighting for yourself, so you can buy more dugup "bronze age palstaves and socketted axes" on the open market. Which is it?

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