Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More sniping and ducking

Buffy the “middle class” blogging pie-scoffer claims
“I have been getting many messages of support but the one below was very well received by myself.. I have omitted the posters details as it is someone from outside the metal detecting community and well respected in their professional field so probably best we just see the comment. "Thank you....!, this has been well needed.......... pulling the cheesy mat from under the clay footed one.....keep it up" You know who you are- many thanks and keep checking the Blog (and emailing the Blog link within your professional community and posting on forums)

Best indeed. We would not want you revealing the name of the persistent purveyor of all those dots marking an inability to formulate complete sentences. After all hiding behind false names and sniping from behind the anonymity of the Internet is what it’s all about isn’t it? Do I respect a “professional” who cannot actually address their “professional” arguments to my face and leaves it up to “metal detecting” bloggers to do the dirty work? I'll give you three guesses “metal detectorists”.

As for posting links to Buffy's blog to their professional forums, let him by all means. Let the professionals see who Kate Clerk's review of the Portable Antiquities Scheme makes their PARTNERS.

If any professionals (including Pantomime Archaeologists) have anything to say - negative as wwell as positive - about the archaeological issues I raise about artefact hunting and personal collection, then I invite them to my other blog Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues. It's just a mouse click away from Buffy's rodential buffoonery.

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Paul Barford said...

Heritage Action writes:
Paul, you are welcome to pass this message on to Mr Buffy on behalf of the ordinary people of Heritage Action.

He thinks it's not all about Metal Detecting. We do. All else is flim-flam. We really don't care about his desperate attempts to accuse you of Barfordisation and doubt whether anyone who is concerned by what he does is either. We do care about his self-confessed self-motivated Erosion.

We doubt he has had "lots" of messages. His total number of visitors ever are similar to the number of conservation minded ordinary members of the public that visit our website daily. They are all Barfordites.

As for his Scottish correspondent being "well respected" he should ask around, for instance amongst archaeologists or our visitors.

But to repeat: erosion of a common resource at your own whim can't be justified and the flim-flam merely serves to illustrate the fact. A sad spectacle indeed.

Personally I would leave him to his scribblings. At least every hour doing that is an hour he can't be indulging in the really anti-social stuff. I wonder if he actually believes he's a middle class hero?"

Thanks for that message of support.