Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buddy quotes Goethe

Buffy the Middle Class Detectorist now attempts further to set himself apart from his fellow detectorists by now quoting Goethe:
"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows thier image"
Goethe Coming some time soon.
Obviously the forthcoming post is not going to be a remark on the ethics of artefact collecting either. This is despite his blog being called "Paul-Barford-Blog-Response" (referring to my Portable Antiquities and Heritage Issues blog). No matter, it is rapidly emerging that Buffy has nothing to say about anything much, let alone on that topic.

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Paul Barford said...


I see this morning (Weds) that Buffy the Middle Class Metal Detectorist has spotted that Goethe may have had a funny accent, but his spelling was impeccable, so he has now corrected the quote on his blog.

Since this suggests that he's been visiting this blog, Buffy will see the message about my forthcoming book. Perhaps we can expect some comments on that on the Barford-blog-response Blogspot blog.

Perhaps it is time for Buffy to actually start addressing the wider issues which are raised in my blog instead of messing about trying to find quotes under the heading "behaviour" in his well-thumbed copy of 'The Readers' Digest Book of Aphorisms'. Let the discussion begin.