Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steve Confides in Dorothy

Although there could hardly be a greater contrast in lifestyles, PhDiva Dorothy King is apparently hugely entertained by the toilet humour of Steve Taylor, she gave a plug for him and now she has even published his manifesto on her blog for him. "Anonymous" said...
Hi Dorothy, Thank you for highlighting my blog on Paul Barfords site. After he has spent the last 6 weeks attacking me on his blog, I thought I would give him a little of his own medicine, the hunter has now become the hunted. I have tried to reason with the guy, but he is on a one man mission to evoke as much trouble as possible.

I hope to force him down the ratings when you google Paul Barford, and put him on the second page where people won't look. He certainly won't want to copy and paste pieces from my blog onto his, so I will make them a crude as possible, as I know it is slowly getting to him. Regards Steve
Do please look on the PACHI blog what this bloke thinks is "attacking me for the past six weeks". He seems to think the whole blog is about him. He has been mentioned, and when he has replied, I have commented on his replies. A look over the portion of his responses that were fit to print will show that Mr Taylor seems to consider abusive language and threats "reasoning".

I do wonder about whether writing like a twelve year old schoolboy who thinks words like "shit" are "funny (tee hee)" really is "giving Mr Barford a taste of his own medicine". I do not recall writing about Mr Taylor (or any other collector) with reference to his alleged sexual preferences, excretory organs or with the use of any such language.

Yet Mr Taylor seems to have had objections to what I have been writing for well over "six weeks". These two jumpy and indistinct videos from May 2011 make that point clear with the reference to "the Barford Song", and also notable is the way these three represent themselves online as "nighthawks" followed by a nervous girlish laugh.

Here is another one from the same author, very similar in tone to Steve Taylor's blog:

Do I feel "hunted"? Not a bit of it, I think in his vulgar blog Mr Taylor is doing an excellent job exhibiting the sort of emotional and intellectual immaturity that abounds in metal detecting milieux (see above). His "one man mission to create as much trouble as possible" has already attracted some seven hundred page views and as far as I am aware no adverse comment in metal detecting fora. It seems Mr Taylor has struck a chord with many metal detectorists (and with Ms King) which I think says something about that milieu.

Taylor informs Dr King:
I hope to force him down the ratings when you google "Paul Barford", and put him on the second page where people won't look.
Mr Taylor apparently expects them to be so enthralled by his prose style that they will stay and browse his blog, rather than try and find what they were originally seeking, there being quite a few "Paul Barford"s on the Internet apart from his fictional impersonation. I can't see them being as chuffed by Steve's smutty literary efforts as PhDiva.

Mr Taylor is not quite right when he says that I "certainly won't want to copy and paste pieces from my blog onto his", on the contrary I think he provides critics of current policies with a lot of ammunition. I'll be discussing a few items (probably here more than on the main blog) if I see something useful. At the moment its mainly about anal and oral sex, excreta and rectal orifices. Not a lot there to discuss really. Taylor assures an expectant Dr King that
I make them a crude as possible, as I know it is slowly getting to him.
Not really, just confirms my opinion (and that of most other people that see it) about the whole sorry lot of you. It also looks like Taylor's infantile brain is beginning to run out of ideas, he is repeating himself and relying on making crude copies of well-known internet jokes.
T-rex spanner = Smithsonian Barbie
It's all a bit pathetic really.


Paul Barford Antiquities and Heritage Issues said...

But extreamly funny all the same, I still haven't started the best bit. That will really get the viewers. 780 so far and I haven't even told anyone about the blog yet.
He He

Paul Barford WHO! Wasn't he that shithead from Poland, i dunno I don't recall his name.

You have done all the advertising I need Paul, the rest will be history. Oh.... a subject you should know something about.

I've set myself a target on you Paul, 10 years of hell, you will be old and frail by then, and on your 10th anal sphincter.

Paul Barford said...

The sender of the above is part of a monologue by spammer Steve Taylor, using a confusing pseudonym. 780 viewers eh? That's eight percent of Britain's 10 000 detectorists already having a good laugh at somebody who merely urges we look at issues connected with preservation of the archaeological record and discuss them frankly. Obviously a notion far from the experience of this other blogger and his guffawing pals.

Fortunately it seems not all metal detectorists seem to share his view of the way to approach this discussion between archaeology and its "partners".

Mr Taylor has pledged that he will devote the next ten years of his life to blogging fictions about Barford's anal sphincter and related topics... One wonders whether in another ten weeks time anyone outside the Cs and Ds of metal detecting circles will be a bit interested in more of his weak a-hole jokes.

Paul Barford Antiquities and Heritage Issues said...

Don’t worry the cartoon will keep them captivated as it will also include a few detectorists. I have no intensions of every discussing anything sensible with you , as the intention is just to mirror the crap you post up. It will be as vile as possible, as most people know what my game plan is. I will just keep nibbling at the edges , as I get to know your weak spots. See physiologically you have already shown me a few things in the replies you have made to my posts, I liken it to a game of chess, there will be only one winner at the end of the day.

Paul Barford said...

Well, I am sure Dr King will be kept amused by the "chesslike" game Mr Taylor imagines he is conducting.

I would say given another dozen such "blogs" and the right kind of publicity and we'd have the PAS "fluffy bunny" position well and truly undermined.

The PAS imagined that by closing their forum, this sort of thing would be hidden from view.

Mr Taylor reckons that by such disruptive behaviour over ten years, it is he and his detectorist pals that will "win". I think they are fouling their own nest.

The difference between Taylor and the marauding oiks misbehaving on the PAS forum is that Taylor makes no pretence of being a PAS recorder, his is the voice of the intransigent majority. The more noticeable they make themselves become, the better as this calls into question the UKs "fluffy bunny" policies.