Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Morning Paul"

This morning metal detectorist trouble maker, stalker and spammer Steve Taylor wishes me to believe he is now waiting for me outside my house:
Lovely house you've got, must be wanting to pick up a morning paper soon!
Well, there are certainly less binbags and skips and white vans on the driveway here than outside the houses on the back-to-back council estate with the pokey overgrown back gardens that the above email was actually sent from. There are no hoodies walking past my front door.

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Paul Barford said...

And on the evening of the 11th August the gentleman in question sent the following comment to my other blog's spam folder:

"Anyone smacked you in the gob yet, i suppose i've just got to join the back of the queue with the rest. Did big mouth Paul stay in last week, when he thought I was paying him a visit[?]. How many times did you peep out the window just to check[?]. I bet your wife was fed up of washing your shitty pants Paul."

Bearing in mind the address he had earlier given that he was visiting was in the coastal town of Gdynia, and that the source of his email was traceable to an address near Cheltenham, this was regarded as harassment rather than an actual threat.

It seems to me that UK metal detectorists really do not have any arguments to present. Do they really think they will win over public opinion by threats of physical violence and disruptive behaviour? By running around and smashing and grabbing other people's things like an English Hoodie?