Monday, July 25, 2011

The Hidden Dark Underbelly of UK "Metal Detecting"

So yet another metal detectorist attempts to distract attention away from the issues being raised by preservationists like myself; Steve Taylor announces (see the post above) the imminent arrival of a third anti-Barford blog. It seems I am onto something with my comments on British policies on artefact hunting. These people are really hoping if they shut me up, the problems that I identify will continue to be ignored. Probably they are right, these are all things the PAS should be saying, and they show zero interest in doing anything at all in that area. Thirteen million quid over as many years and we still have people like 52-year old Steve Taylor strutting around showing off their contempt for anyone who thinks about artefacts in any way different from himself, as he says on one of the few bits of the Portable Antiquities Society website still accessible to public view:
I cannot stand archaeologist or F.L.O's probably for good reason. I believe the objects in the ground belong to all of us, not just museums.
Or Candice Jarman:
I passionately believe that archaeology belongs to the people - to all of us - and not to archaeologists. [...] In todays straightened (sic) times, can we afford to support so many University Archaeology Departments and Archaeology Units from the public purse?
and John Howland:
Across the Shires, the arkies are squealing like stuck pigs with their holier-than-thou protestations. Like the bully-boys they are, they can dish it out but can’t take it back. I’ve waited for over thirty years for this wonderful day to arrive; ‘tis music to my ears..... Well done Alan Melton. [my hyperlink - PMB]
Together with all the fellow anti-archaeological shout-down-the-opposition crowd: Jeb, Sheddie, Deepseeker, Belzoni, Baz, Kevmar, Clive Hallam, Edward Thompson and the many dozen others, too many to remember individually, whose idea of engaging with archaeology is to simply disrupt anything that looks as if it might develop into a sensible discussion about important issues (like the ACCG coineys then). That there is such a groundswell of non-compliance and opposition in the UK should not be shielded from view by the tendency of the advocates of artefact hunting intent on producing the impression that "the majority of artefact hunters are responsible". But it is not them that is doing the damage to the archaeological record which is being done by laissez faire wishy-washy pseudo-policies on artefact hunting in the UK. What does Britain plan to do with the rest? Ignore them and hope they go away? Pretend they don't exist and maybe they'll come round? Or take steps to deal with them that are inevitably going to cramp the style of the responsible guys? But then, is it not precisely the passivity of the majority of the "responsible guys" towards the extent of the loutishness in their ranks of the hobby that leads to this situation?


The Poulton Hoard said...

That's a nice write up Paul, was it your own work, or is it someone else's. I beleive that what they call copyright infringment. Some of that has come directly from my web site, I did not give you permission to publish my own work so for that I will sue you. If you would like to check with your solicitor you will see I am right. A bit like copying a harry Potter story and posting it up on the web. The same goes for any image you have stollen without my permission, I may have put a video up but not a still image. If you own this image would you like to tell all your veiwers where you took it, and show me the hard copy. Of course you cannot because you like to walk a fine line, but this time I have you.

Paul Barford said...

"Have you" Steve? So what, you are going to report me to Google, after having used their comments facility to send me threatening messages, including what look like DEATH THREATS? What is quoted from your "website" (recte forum) is fair use and sourced. You seem to have a problem with transparency Mr Taylor, what actually is it you are trying to hide? Why is the image of that piece of gold so important to you to protect from view? After all it is modern material which was lent to you by your jeweller wife. Hardly then such a big deal.

We seem to have come a full circle with this blog, which was started for something exactly like this, and indeed if the viewer can bear to look back at some of the early posts, they will find that Mr Taylor behaving badly is the subject of some of them.

I suggest that your time and resources would be better expended tending to your closed-to-outsiders PAs forum ("100 hits a day") and leave the rest of us to discuss the more serious issues surrounding metal detecting and artefact collecting on our little bits of the internet in peace.

It may have escaped your attention, but my blog is not "about Steve Taylor". He had a minor walk-on role two weeks or so, was mentioned, and cannot seem to get over it, and insists on prolonging the exposure through spamming me with all sorts of nonsense and threats (of which this is the most innocuous), which I would be perfectly happy to show to his solicitor should he contact me.