Thursday, July 21, 2011

Read Steve Taylor's Website at your own Peril

From the not-so-urbane Steve Taylor, metal detectorist, an off-blog email just received:
Hi Arsehole I see you like my Roman coin and press cuttings, maybe you could give me a little boost on my website. By the way got a little surprise for you in your home country. In comunication with a couple of polish people, got a little job for them. Play with fire and you get burnt, little boy. See you soon or not
I'm in communication with quite a few Poles about metal detecting too, what a coincidence. Let us see with whom Mr Taylor is networking.

Let it be noted, this was precipitated by me looking at the public sections of Steve Taylor's Portable Antiquities Society website. So I guess Mr Taylor does not really want people looking at the finds depicted on his website. Why do you think he's so touchy about them that he is so concerned to induce others to give past viewers a "little surprise"?

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