Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Concept for this Blog

I initially set up this blog as an ad hoc means of dealing with some nuisance posts by a single British detectorist in order not to clog up my main blog answering his nonsense. As my main blog attracted more and more attention from spiteful snipers, I found the need to use it for the same purpose increasingly often.

To be honest though I just saw it as a less public place to get off my chest what I thought about certain people's style of dealing with the fact that somebody was trying to discuss some uncomfortable issues, rather than anything else. There are now 112 posts on it, mostly of little worth as elements in the discussion, but oddly enough they are being visited from time to time.

When I started the main blog, it was a bit of self-indulgence (as most blogs in general are). Over the past year it has become clearer that it is actually being read by a lot of people and there are indications that it is now being treated as an unofficial resource of sorts. It is also clear that the presence of posts there discussing the minutiae of some arguments obscure the wider picture. I am going to try to use the Portable Antiquities and Heritage Issues blog in 2011 to present the broader picture to a wider audience and I have decided therefore to (try to) adopt a stricter policy on what I put on it.

I will therefore now be using this blog in a more systematic way not so much as before as a sort of "ghetto blog" for dealing with nonsense and nuisance posts, but also to argue points that may clog up the main blog, though I plan to cross link between them more. Nevertheless this blog will still have material only of appeal (if at all) to those with rather specific reading interests...

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