Sunday, January 23, 2011

Closing in on "Candice"

By now the malicious sniping coward hiding behind the false "Candice Jarman" identity will be aware that somebody today has been helping the Barfords look for him. Let's see how "truthful" he will be shown to have been when his real identity becomes known.

Odd isn't it? Candice now claims:
it really does n't matter if I am a man, a woman or a baboon - what matters is the soundness of the views and arguments I articulate
and yet while he thought his real identity was safely hidden was making a big thing (in fact a whole blog) about "who" blogger Paul Barford is, and just "what qualifications" he has to discuss portable antiquity issues - down to demanding a detailed CV be posted.

Yes, it does matter when somebody sets out to accuse their intellectual opponent of being a "liar" and yet in doing so themselves telling a whole pack of lies to establish a position from which to do so.

{Not "phishing", Candice got an email, we got confirmation of something else}.

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