Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reading the news - detectorist style

It's not just the Americans that "don't do irony", metal detectorists don't get it either do they? So I wonder how many coins Mr Welton, Buffy and his pie-scoffing sidekick Julian Morgan have found which "date from between 206 BC and 195 BC." though are " stamped (sic) with the head of Emperor Augustus, while other date back (sic) to around 63 AD" and "were used from the third century BC until the middle of the third century AD". But certainly the report says: "The coins, stashed in a clay urn and buried around four feet underground" and "Landowner Peter Turner, 74, said [...] 'After digging down around four feet he saw the top of a large pot had been smashed and hundreds of silver coins were inside' ". I guess the landowner should know how big the hole was in his land. Unless of course somebody was telling porkies in the inquest.

Read all about it in the Daily Mail:

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