Tuesday, July 21, 2009


With reference to the little matter of the anonymouse critic of my main heritage issues blog announcing to his readers that I have deleted this one, I have just posted this as what seems to be the first reader's comment to Buffy's childish vendetta blog:

Dear Anonymous,
You claim you cannot find my second blog. The one where
I reply to some of the nonsense you and your guffawing detectorist and collecting mates and English, Welsh and Scotish archaeologist friends consider to be an adequate “response” (sic) to the issues I raise about portable antiquity collecting.

Frankly, I find this hard to take at face value, you could have found it by simply Googling the blog’s name. It seems to me that since nobody else has access to the set-up page, the most likely person to insert a “0” [zero] in one of the words in the place of the letter “o” in the URL of the other blog [thus rendering it useless] is the owner of the "Paul Barford and Barfordisation" hate-blog.

In case my suspicions concerning your motives are wrong, here is the correct URL, it has no “zero” http://detectoristcopywrite.blogspot.com/ You can now insert it at the top of the front page of your hate blog for the benefit of the readers seeking a fuller picture.

You will see I have added to it a few comments since you last visited.
Paul Barford

Let us see what happens, will he be a mouse or a man and admit his mistake?

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