Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Odd Type of People's Archaeology Being Promoted Here

Candice Jarman and his new echo Richard "Sheddy" Lincoln seem to have lost their sense of direction. Candice set up his smear-blog to defend his "friends" the British metal detector doing what they do legally and reporting everything to the PAS. recently though he's been increasingly (and tellingly) coming to the defence of the international no-questions-asked market in dugup antiquities, and now (even further from the original target) the people he calls "underclasses" (sic) protesting and looting museum storerooms in Egypt. And on the way raising the question of the "folly of repatriation". This is the "People's Archaeology" that Britain is spending so much through the PAS fostering - museum raiding? The breaking and taking of artefacts from museums and tombs in Egypt is "is not an attempt to loot but a cry of frustration from the poor and dispossessed!" trying to get back their past - just the same as Candice:
There are too many people today who are telling us what we should do and how we should think - the minority trying to impose their views on the majority. In archaeology, we see this in people like Paul Barford, David Gill and Colin Renfrew. The past belongs to us ALL - not just to archaeologists - this blog is just part of the fight back - to reclaim archaeology for the people!
Candice declares:
I passionately believe that archaeology belongs to the people - to all of us - and not just to archaeologists.

Vignette: Candice on the metal detectorists' crusade to break down the museum store doors, Archaeology for the People !

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