Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Morganization (Re: Buffy the ham Pie Slayer)

Apart from guffawing British “metal detectorists”, „Buffet the Ham Pie Slayer”s has a pal Julian Morgan “a damn fine chap and an educationalist by trade”. I wonder if this is him: Julian Morgan is a writer and Classics teacher at Derby Grammar School and also is one of six partners in CIRCE, a Classics and ICT Resources Course for Europe. I wonder how Mr Morgan would feel about some twerp from the other side of Europe, who he has never met and who has other views on the teaching of "Classics", starting up a “Julian Morgan and Morganization” blog.
Confessions of a Classics teacher, Julian Morgan, British Classics teacher living and working in a Grammar school in Derby. For a long time a primary interest has been correcting the grammatical mistakes made in a dead language by confused pupils”.
I do not expect Mr Morgan or his literary agent would appreciate it very much. Especially if he finds the author of this personal attack masquerading as a contribution to the discussion on a serious issue has equipped it with "search engine optimalisation tags" clearly deliberately aimed at damaging his professional reputation.

Does Mr Morgan have a metal detector and go out after work to denude local Roman sites of coins to collect or maybe use in his teaching?

[If he sees this Mr Morgan may consider it would save us all a lot of trouble if he would write to me to divulge the name of his fellow but cowardly-anonymous Buffet admirer so suitable action may be taken in response to the manner in which he has chosen to respond to me].

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